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Whether you're seeking a treatment or a treat, reflexology will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and energized,  improving your daily health and general well-being.



Energy circulates in the body and it's organs through channels in coordination with the nervous system.  These channels and nerves terminate at points and zones in the feet, hands, and ears.    When energy isn't flowing properly due to stress, tension, aliments, etc. we don't feel good and can easily get sick.  Using massage and acupressure on these points and zones with various techniques improves blood and lymph circulation, flushes toxins, stimulates energy flow, relaxes muscles, eases pain,improves current symptoms, supports the immune system, and helps in speeding up recovery from various ailments, and makes you feel wonderful.


At Benefoot Reflexology, all visitors will receive an intake form (optional) which they can fill out to make us aware of any pre-existing conditions, aliments, or pain points and have a focused treatment if so desired.   Our therapists will alter the session based on the individual.   They will still cover all of the areas but they will spend more time on certain areas.  We aim to improve communication in an effort to make your visit as pleasant and beneficial as possible.


Foot and Body Massage:

15 Minute Chair (back + neck/shoulders) $20

30 Minute Chair (back + neck/shoulders) - $30

60 Minute Foot - $30  

60 Minute Combo (foot + body) -$45 (Call to book for $40)

90 Minute combo (45 min foot + 45 minute body) $65 (Call to book for $60)

90 Minute Combo (30 min foot +  60 min  body)  - $75 (Call to book for $70)

30 Minute Body - $35

60 Minute Body - $60 (Call to book for $55)

90 Minute Body - $85 (Call to book for $80)

120 Minute Body - $110

*Free hot stone with any body treatment

Add On Treatment: 

15 minute add on Hot stone treatment - $15 

One Area Cupping treatment - $15

One Area Gua Sha (scraping) treatment -  $15 

One Area heated herbal bag treatment - $20

Sugar Foot Scrub treatment - $10


Lynn P. wrote: 

"A lot of these foot spas can be sketchy, but definitely not this one! Second time visitor and I absolutely love it... I even brought my mom this time! This location is brand new (they opened two months ago). The facility is very clean - all the linens and towel are soft and high quality and the foot massage chairs and massage beds are very comfy. The owners, Daniel and Frances, are super professional and welcoming. They explained their point system here, which is fantastic. Instead of punch cards, everything is done electronically. With every visit you accumulate points, which can be redeemed for discounts. The prices are already reasonable, so this makes it even better! You get special discounts on your birthday as well.

I recommend getting the combo massage - 30 mins is spent on your back/body and 30 mins is spent on your feet. We had Helen and Lily - both are wonderful! They used just the right amount of pressure, leaving us totally relaxed after. There are also many other options that can be customized to suit your needs. I also saw Gua Sha on the menu, which I will be back to try!"

Debbie M. wrote: 

"A great experience! We scheduled last minute, but yet they worked two of us in! We were offered water upon arrival. The staff were very professional and the services were top notch. We had the combination 30 min body massage with hot stones and the 30 min foot reflexology. Left totally relaxed. If only the clock had gone slower that hour, lol! Go check them out."

Tammy R. wrote: 

OUTSTANDING!!   I was referred by a friend who gave me a awesome referral...and I went today - it was even better than I expected and my expectations were high!  Percy was the best - he was like a physical therapist and understood my needs and limitations.  I highly recommend this business - professional, clean, efficient and it exceeded my my already high expectations.  I will be back next week!  :-) A+++++

Mikeal M. wrote: 

"Very clean, very professional and a great reflexology experience! My wife and I were Very impressed with the staff and the experience! Best money I've spent in a long time."

Jessica E. wrote: 

"Great service. Very friendly, clean and calm. My husband and I had a full hour massage with hot stones. Time did not start until the massage began. Unlike other places that start time when you get in the room."

Latoya H. wrote: 

"This is by far one of the best massages I’ve had in a while. I went there recommended to try one of the ladies but ended up getting Barry and he was fantastic!!! I’m an extremely satisfied customer and will be back!"



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